Ask Questions

Today I saw an announcement for a book called [on second thought: redacted]. This is a book I contributed to. But today I learned that it’s being published by some company that makes books for 5e and has at least one relatively large IP license. This is all a surprise to me—when I was approachedContinue reading “Ask Questions”

Design by Accretion

If a game is a pearl, players are the oyster. Make your book a grain of sand.

This Is The Last Time I Will Write About “System Matters”

“System Matters” is not an argument, it’s a slogan. It’s devoid of content—it’s all rhetoric. It’s exclusively deployed as a means to reinforce a paternalistic view of games in which the designer exerts direct control over players’ behavior, where the designer is author of the game and of play, and where this arrangement is notContinue reading “This Is The Last Time I Will Write About “System Matters””

Where Is Art?

I posit: Art is a happening in the world. It bends the world around itself, transformational, which can only be true for an audience. Therefore Art is a thing that happens between audience and object. The audience makes the Art, and the Art makes the audience—the artist is nowhere to be found. Even if theContinue reading “Where Is Art?”

Divination Fundamentals I

In Abstracto There are two necessaries for divination: A device. A deck of tarot cards. Fifty yarrow staves. The silt at the bottom of a coffee cup. The entrails of a goat. The device produces an unpredictable result. The result has no inherent meaning—in the same way that a sentence is merely marks on aContinue reading “Divination Fundamentals I”

1d6 Posts I Won’t Write

How to Avoid Commodifying Your Identity: A Practical Guide to Writing Game Books On the Primacy of Form, or Letting Go of Structure Lyricism as Retreat into Form: Two False and Two True Contradictions Luxurious Malaise: The Unification of Good and Evil in the Commodification of Art The Gods We Wrote: On the Transsubstantiation ofContinue reading “1d6 Posts I Won’t Write”

Each Week In Town

This is something I’m going to try for time in town. I’m using it with the Vanilla Game, but it’s highly fungible. The idea is to montage time in town without taking the opportunity to make bad decisions away from players. This is just a draft, most of the entries on the table will likelyContinue reading “Each Week In Town”


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