Five Rooms II: Ice Dungeon

ICE DUNGEON 1. 3d6 Ice Goblins do human impressions to amuse each other. One of them wears a tricorn hat with an elaborate, if tarnished, brooch—she demands food, but is dissatisfied with anything that isn’t completely disgusting. Ice Goblin. HD 1. Armor as unarmored. 1 spear 1d3. Saves as Fighter 1. Avoids fire at allContinue reading “Five Rooms II: Ice Dungeon”

Five Rooms I: Moth Dungeon

Here’s an example of how I prep small, single-session dungeons for emergencies. You’d be surprised how far you can get on five thematically-linked rooms. With a little extemporaneous embellishment and a decent random encounters table, you can stretch this much content over a surprisingly large blank map of the underground. And I can normally writeContinue reading “Five Rooms I: Moth Dungeon”

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